Recycle Metal and Products from Home

scrap metal kirrawee

“Mr Metal Recycling” is a family-owned, Australian company based in Sydney, Australia. They have been recycling and reusing household metals since 1987. This company recycles by-products of aluminum production, metal recycling from the military and vehicle maintenance, and other uses such as gold & silver detecting. They are one of the leading suppliers of pre-cious and recycled metal parts. As a result of their dedication to recyclable materials they are considered “eco-tourism capital of Australia”.

Here Is A Quick Cure For Recycle Metal And Products From Home

We are located in Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia. There is no pollution, no waste, no litter, and no need for industrial space or “de-cluttering”. All our products are made from natural resources. You will be absolutely amazed at what we can offer you.

If you have old electronics, appliances, or furniture you would like to change to a new life of recycling and conservation, this is the company for you. Feel free to browse our website and learn all the benefits of recycling your scrap metal kirrawee and other products. Contact us if you have any questions and needs. We’re also happy to provide consultations and recommend local services. For more information on how we can help you with your recycling needs, visit our website today!

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