For digital marketers, ad spying is important for successful internet marketing campaigns. It basically refers to free software programs that specialize in collecting information on brands online ad activities. Ad spy tools allow you to observe how other companies, your brand, and your competitors actually spend money on advertisements and which of their promotional strategies appear to pay best.

Ad Spy Tools by Digital Marketers

Many online marketers have already realized the potential benefits that ad spying can provide them. In fact, a lot of digital marketers use ad spy tools for the purpose of finding out what competitors are doing and adjusting their strategies accordingly. With ad spying, digital marketers are able to identify profitable ad placement, ad copy, ad campaigns, ad keywords, ad networks, and ad placement costs that can easily help them make smart digital marketing decisions. This type of technology is especially useful for newbie marketers who lack the experience and resources to properly target the right keywords, compare ROI, and measure results. Since ad spy tools are usually updated regularly with the latest tools and technologies, they can also be used as a reference by experienced marketers to understand how their specific industry works and what ad placement options actually work for them.

The social media community has been buzzing about social PETAs, which are small niche portals that help digital marketers and entrepreneurs get closer to their target audiences. Social PETAs is powered by an ad tracking technology that uses detailed information on social and behavior to help marketers create more effective ad campaigns and test their ad campaigns to determine where improvements can be made. To help you get a better understanding of how social PETAs work, here are some of the popular social media channels that ad spies can use to gather information about social marketers and influencers:

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