Ultrasound Glen Wardley is a state of the art liposuction surgery procedure with many benefits over older forms of liposuction. The latest ultrasonic technology allows for a much more complete and speedy removal of unwanted fat, without as much pain or trauma to the body as older techniques. Traditional liposuction only removes pockets of fat; ultrasound Glen Waverley can target localized areas of fat for that “lump-down” effect that many people seek after. Not only does this technique allow for a quicker recovery time, it also means that you do not have to return for multiple treatments. This is a huge money saver in the long run.

ultrasound glen waverley

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One of the many advantages of this type of surgery is that there is no general anesthesia needed. Ultrasound is used to help increase blood flow to the targeted area, which in turn increases the oxygenation and metabolism of the surrounding tissue. This procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis, though some parts of the United States require hospital privileges for some patients. Full recovery takes about three months from start to finish. If at all possible, you should avoid strenuous activities of any sort for a month or two after having ultrasound Glen Waverley surgery.

During the surgery itself, you will be sedated with a local anesthetic and given basic medications to aid in the healing process. You will then be wrapped in a surgical unit and taken to the operating room for the actual procedure. Your surgeon will place either a suction or laser probe to your fatty areas. Depending on your location, the ultrasound technique will work with either the probe or the scalpel to remove the fat and remove the adipose tissue that you have been carrying around inside of you.

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