Security screens, sometimes referred to as barrier or fence, are inexpensive and effective means of fencing off an area from the inside, outside or both. There are many types of security screening available to suit your specific needs. The most popular type is the collapsible security screening, which is often made of galvanized steel, but is also available in vinyl, aluminum or polycarbonate. The most effective security screens are made with a galvanized steel core and a heavy duty locking mechanism, such as a pick lock, but there are other types that are available and may be more suitable to your particular security needs. See website for more.

Security Screens

Security screens are usually a heavy tensile woven galvanized steel mesh, secured by a special screw-clamp mechanism secured to the frame by an optional bolt lock. This results in a spectacularly efficient yet highly versatile security screen which offers excellent visibility and air flow. Many are designed with slats or channels running along the top edge to prevent access by sliding hands or other intruders. Some have window bars positioned on the top edge to keep intruders out when doors or windows open.

Sliding glass doors are often one of the main points of entry for criminals into homes and business premises, so window screens can provide an effective barrier to these entry points. Security screens can be used to prevent people from entering when the doors or windows are open and shut. For example, security screens can be fitted to windows to ensure no one can sit outside when the doors or windows are open. Sliding glass doors are often on the top of high buildings or in high traffic areas, so they offer the perfect point of entry. If a door or window is left open when a person is trying to break in, it is likely that the intruder will try to gain entrance by braking a window. The use of a screen is likely to prevent this, as it stops someone gaining access through another means.

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