Light Poles – A street light, lamppost or postlight, street lamp or outdoor lamp standard is typically a strong light source at the end of a path or roadway. Similar lamps are also often found on an electric railway platform or a railroad crossing. However, many people today may not immediately associate street lighting with their homes.

How does a Street Light work?

Street lights are often used as part of the landscape of homes. A popular use for this type of lighting fixture is as a decorative feature on an entrance, or as part of the curb. Many people choose to put them on their front door. This will make it easier to see when someone comes to their home or business. It can also make them easier to walk around a home or business. Many homeowners prefer to use a simple pole to display their address and other personal information, but there are some who use them to make their home more attractive.

Many different types of lights can be made from light poles. They can be metal, cast iron, aluminum, plastic, wood, fiberglass and glass. If a homeowner has a need for a high amount of light then a light pole can be used as a permanent fixture or as an upgrade to a streetlight. With this type of fixture it is easy to see what is going on at night and know if a neighbor is being inconsiderate or if their pet is in trouble.

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