There are several types of bollards, including traditional wooden bollards, modern metal bollards, wrought iron bollards, laminated metal bollards and aluminium bollards. A bollard’s main purpose is to provide protection to pedestrians and vehicles, whilst at the same time helping to promote traffic flow. Bollards are not only there to protect cars and pedestrians but also to allow drivers to make turns or stop signs with ease. If you’re in the middle of construction or are considering adding a new building to your property, it’s a good idea to use bollards, especially if you want to ensure that the area is as safe as possible.


Why Use Bollards?

A traditional wooden bollard is usually made from timber which is then painted with a finish to provide strength and protection from the elements. The term “bollard” was originally meant to refer to a small post used mainly for mooring vessels, but over the years it has come to be used to describe posts installed to regulate traffic flow and safety posts used for controlling road traffic.

Today there is a wide range of different styles and materials used in the manufacture of bollards. You can purchase bollards in the form of traditional bollards, modern metal bollards, laminated metal bollards and aluminium bollards. If you are looking for bollards which are more durable than traditional wooden ones, you may like the modern, lightweight and flexible material known as polycarbonate.

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